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by Camilla Samoryk

Born and raised in the Surrey countryside, England, I moved to Maryland, United States in 2010.  I now live outside of Baltimore with my family - adoring husband, lots of kids and two dogs.

In addition to being Owner at CamillaJane Crafts I work as a Fitness Instructor and it would be fair to say that creativity through art and movement has long underpinned much of what I have pursued in an amateur and professional capacity over the years.

Through my creative endeavours I seek to bring unique design elements together, blending colour and texture in different ways to realise beauty in form. 

I am always excited to share examples of my work with others so thank you for sharing in my passion and for your support of CamillaJane Crafts.  I am looking forward to growing my business over the coming months and beyond, so please keep your eyes open as I will be updating my website regularly to showcase new examples of work.  I also welcome ideas and feedback to further improve the function of my website.

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